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While I can think of a lot of library uses for videos, Facebook, and Flickr, I don’t see as much potential use for podcasts.  Audio of author talks and other programs, teen-focused audio, and storytimes for children (another version of our Dial-a-Story) are about all I can come up with.  Keeping audio of programs would be useful for patrons who could not attend, and might be easier to do technically than videos (just set the recorder and go).

While videos have YouTube, and photos have Flickr, there is no major site for podcasts, just “many, many podcast directories and finding tools.”  So while we could certainly link any podcasts to a section of our Library and Facebook pages, there isn’t a central place for patrons and other people to find us.  Rather than browsing, people seem to search for or subscribe to specific podcasts (radio shows, etc.), and in my experience podcasts are less likely to spread virally, the way YouTube videos often do.  I know I’m more likely to watch a short video than I am to listen to a short podcast.  On the computer I want something related to look at while I listen.  Mobile device users may be more likely to use podcasts, and if so, we should focus on what those patrons might .


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