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Last week I helped a patron create an email account using Gmail.  In the process I was able to teach him a little bit about how email works, how to choose a username and password, the purpose of a “security question,” and how to deal with those annoying word verification boxes.  He said I had helped bring him into the 21st Century.

But we can’t usher patrons into the world of 21st Century technology if we aren’t comfortable there ourselves.  And it’s important that we not only understand the technology, but that we can communicate to patrons that we know it.  We need to get the word out that we’re not your grandmother’s library.  Social media can help us do this.

Meredith Farkas posted an interesting list of Skills for the 21st Century Librarian on her blog.  The post is a few years old, but still relevant.  Her first competency ties in well with our “7 Things” project: “Ability to embrace change.”


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